Aaron Kllc is a Washington DC based interior designer.  With a keen visual ability and a strong hands on approach, Aaron creates interiors that are relaxed, beautiful, and timeless.  His specialty is in crafting unique, custom designed residential interiors which reflect his clients' personalities and tastes.  He believes that interior design should be comfortable, elegant, and joyful.  He strives to deliver the highest quality end product, sourcing materials and objects that feel warm, inviting, and alive.

Kllc is a graduate of RISD, The Rhode Island School of Design.  At this well known and much celebrated art and design school, Kllc honed his understanding of the principles of design that underlie all visual mediums.  He has worked in film making, furniture design, floral design, fine art painting, and mostly interior design.  His diverse background enables him to think outside the box.  “I never want an interior to feel trendy or filled with stock items and ideas.  I want it to glow with innovation, custom artistry, and creative solutions.  What excites me is that Interior Design is a discipline where all of the decorative and fine arts come together in one space.”  

His ultimate reward is giving people a breath of fresh air, creating a home environment that is at once stylish, modern, and built for happiness.

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